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PowerBank™ 5.4



The PowerBank™ is a battery powered AC generator and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) that stores electricity for use when and where power from the grid is unavailable: remote, off-grid, emergency and black-out scenarios.

Fully charged, the PowerBank™ 5.4 delivers 5,400 Watt hours (5.4 kWh), a sufficient reserve to operate computers, appliances, AV equipment, power tools, fans, electric blankets and medical equipment for hours or days at a time (see run-time chart below).


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  • Mobile AC power for critical equipment in a home, office, hospital, school or emergency shelter
  • USB ports and AC outlets for charging cellphones, tablets and other portable devices
  • UPS feature ensures instant reliable and uninterrupted power, even during extended black-outs
  • Stores electricity from solar and wind chargers (DC input), conventional generators, and the grid
  • Utility drawer for storing accessories such as an extra power strip to increase PowerBank TM outlets
  • Locking cabinets for security and heavy-duty lockable casters for safe and easy mobility

How the PowerBank™ Works

UPS Mode (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

  • Plug a standard extension cord into the PowerBank™ “AC Input” and into a standard AC outlet (wall socket)
  • Plug electronic devices and equipment into one of the PowerBank™ AC or USB DC power outlets
  • Turn the PowerBank™ inverter “ON” using the Controller Module (refer to manual as needed)
  • AC Power will now be available from the PowerBank™ AC outlet
    • The AC grid automatically charges the PowerBank™ whenever the batteries need recharging
    • During a grid failure, the PowerBank™ automatically switches to UPS mode enabling uninterrupted
      (continual) and reliable equipment operation

Remote AC Power

  • Utilize the PowerBank™ wherever and whenever reliable uninterrupted power is needed
  • Turn the PowerBank™ inverter “ON” using the Controller Module
  • Plug electronic devices and equipment into the PowerBank™ AC or USB DC power outlets
  • Power is now available to run your electronic devices and equipment for hours or days at a time


  • When battery power is low or whenever time permits, plug the PowerBank™ into the wall, generator or solar/wind charger to recharge. Charging can be done as frequently as desired without harm to the system or the PHI 2.7 batteries.

The power required to run equipment in everyday situations varies with the electrical device. Appliances such as microwaves, irons, toaster ovens, and hairdryers require high current for short periods of time. Appliances such as televisions, computers, fans, and refrigerators use low current for extended periods
of time.

For example, if all of the following devices are used once a day, the total usage will be less than 1,500 watt hours.

Run Time Chart

DevicesWattsTime (Minutes)Usage (Wh)
Electric Kettle1,2007130
Toaster Oven1,10030150

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